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Hello out there!
Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and looking around
All of the stories in this blog is covering a story of my life, my family and people who are closed to me
Some of the stories are also taken from the articles that quoted from various sources
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My Personal
Me and my hubby en. Pai met in 2001 and we were introduced by our mutual friends
We always went out since that day and were never be apart after that
Kami berkahwin dalam tahun 2002 dan telah dikurniakan dengan 3 orang cahaya mata
Amira Faihanah
Amir Faisal
Amir Faidhi
I love cooking, singing, travelling and shopping
I am working as a Human Resources Manager in food manufacturing industry
During my free time, I love to spend it hanging out with my beloved en. Pai and the kids
Kehidupan keluarga kami sangat simple dan sederhana tapi penuh dengan kasih sayang
Ingin mewujudkan satu medium baru dalam berkomunikasi dengan anak-anak tersayang
Agar di suatu masa nanti anak-anak I akan terus merasa dekat dengan I walaupun
I telah menutup mata.....
So, this is where the idea of the blog came up and I named it...



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